A downloadable Insannesi for Windows

This is a game about a small team of extraterrestrial bugs that had their ship wrecked and made an emergency landing on the Earth. The main bad guy named Oldcookinpot witnessed this accident and became immideately hungry for such a sophisticated piece of engineering in order to upgrade his own rusty body. Now our bugs are searching for the spare parts. They meet a lot of strange characters in different fascinating locations, solve a lot of puzzles and defend themselves against enemies and Oldcookinpot's bodyguards. A lot of action, fun, and beautiful places are expecting a small team.

Today we are at the end development of main INSANNESI game and this one is just an mini easter egg and of cource will be in main game.

In the main game you can:

Run, sometimes jump, swim and even fly, shoot & fire, use the echolocator for your dirty purposes, search for the way back home, solve puzzles, put together the space ship, use enemies’ hands and feet, throw garbage, teleport, catapult, piss off a squirrel, nothing at all.

That’s how many things you can do!

We decided to make some samples of characters in their evil states. Here are bandits and thieves and revolutionists and destroyers…

The cockroach hits with its sack and puts the victim in it. The snail compensates its “dawdler complex” by firing a mortar. The nurse is dreaming about a driver career. The Napoleon-bug has escaped from an asylum, he disturbs the peace and calls his friends. The lady bug is a kleptomaniac, it steals fast food and covers its tracks and so on. It won't get boring.

Insannesi fence mini game.

This part of game is just a small easter egg from main game. There will be more eggs in the future for free.

May the latest news be with you.

Release date Dec 19, 2018
AuthorJohn Raul
GenreAdventure, Action, Platformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Abstract, crowd, minigames, swarm, Tactical
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, Textless
LinksHomepage, Twitter

Install instructions

1. Download & unpack to any folder.

2. Run Insannesi fence.exe file.


InsannesiFence.rar 84 MB